Why Do People Become Obsessive Hoarders? 6 Reasons

Cleaning services are usually called upon for their proficiency in extreme hoarding cases. In recent years the hoarding condition is being recognized & researched by innumerable authorities. Studies have recognized infinite factors that contribute to the progression of hoarding behavior in different people, including personality types & previous traumatic experiences. So, why do people become habitual hoarders? Listed below are the top 5 reasons:

Emotional irregularity:

When an individual experiences depression & anxiety, they might start hoarding as a coping machine. Incessantly acquiring unwanted stuffs while at the same time not disposing any of their present possession is a behavior displayed by people striving to conquer depression.


Hoarders afraid of making the blunder of discarding stuffs they think might be precious. This looks bizarre when you notice a home packed with clutter & garbage. A hoarder’s uncompromising penchant tells them they need the mess.

Emotional attachment:

When an individual becomes too emotionally involved to his/her belongings, they strive to keep them even when they don’t require them or after getting new ones. Obsessive hoarders become too emotionally involved to their stuffs to throw them away.

Complication in Processing Info:

Obsessive hoarders have complexity or the incapability to categorize stuffs into useful and non-useful. So for them everything has same value, meaning they cannot identify stuffs that should be discarded.

A personal trauma:

Healthcare professionals believe that there’s a connection between undergoing personal trauma & the onset of obsessive hoarding. Sentimental agony might stretch back to babyhood, but hoarding usually commences at the age of thirteen years old.

Dread of waste:

Hoarders feel they’ve the accountability of holding on & keeping stuffs that might become handy in future. They believe that throwing away stuffs now might lead to them requiring new ones in the future for the same purpose, so they hold on them even though these belongings are generally never used.

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