What to expect having water damage cleaning service in Glenview, IL from ServiceMaster CRP

The worst nightmare you have as a property owner can face is water damage. There can be various reasons to have water damage, and one may have been the cause for the damage that your property has suffered. If you face such a problem, it is wise to call us at ServiceMaster CRP, as we can offer the best water damage cleaning service in Glenview, IL. As a professional company, we have the proper tools and experience to put in place the ideal remedy for any water damage issue. It is not that you will have only these services from us. Let us see what you can expect when you have water damage cleaning services from us.

Access the issue 

When you hire us for water damage restoration service, you can expect that the foremost thing that our service personnel will do is assess the entire situation. They will find out the cause of the water damage and the extent of the damage. We have special tools, like moisture detectors, to determine the work required to treat the water damage. As a result, you will clearly see what we intend to do, which will reflect in the quote we offer. The quote will also provide a detailed analysis of the cost you must bear.

Get the water out of your property 

After going through the estimate, as you give us the approval to start the work, our staff will use the required tools to remove the water from your property. This is of utmost importance as standing water can lead to more damage and the development of mold. We may use wet-dry vacuums or submersible pumps to draw the water out. After removing the water, we will again access the area to determine if it is necessary to remove any part of the property, like flooring.

Dry the affected parts 

The next step we will undertake is to dry the space affected by water. This is an important stage as it will remove the water lingering after the removal step.

If the basement is the affected part, our staff will dry things that have water that did not had removal during the process of removing water. We maintain thoroughness so that no water stays inside your property.

There will not be any guesswork as we will use sophisticated tools to determine the moisture level. If we find the readings favourable, we will only proceed to the next step.

Cleaning the area

After the removal of water, we dry the area and thoroughly clean the area so that no debris or dirt remains.

Help in putting forward an insurance claim

We will also be helping you to put forward the insurance claim. We will do everything necessary and compile all documents so that the settlement happens fast.

So, if you want the best water damage cleaning service in Glenview, IL, call us at ServiceMaster CRP