Why To Act Fast After A Water Damage

You will be surprised to notice how fast water damage can happen. If you do not take immediate steps in a blink of an eye the excess moisture can become damaging. It only takes minutes for porous materials to absorb water and that can cause enough damage. If you delay having water damage cleaning service in Glenview, IL, from us at ServiceMaster CRP, for a week, you might be led to structural damage.

The longer you delay having our cleaning services, the more damage you can expect to face. If you know how fast water damage can spread, will help you to understand how fast you need to call us. We have tried to figure out how much water damage can happen within minutes, hours, and a week.

The damage that happens within minutes 

Within minutes of having excessive water in your house, the damage starts. The water may be from a broken pipe of a washing machine or flood, the damage starts immediately. You will notice that the nearby floors, walls, and pieces of furniture will begin to be saturated with excess moisture. The finishes of upholstered furniture will start to bleed and the carpet will become permanently stained, If you have left books, papers, and photographs on the floor, they will become damaged. Water damage can be noticed on every object that water has touched.

What is the damage that happens within an hour?

If you delay for an hour to call us, or if you were not at home when the water “attacked” and the delay in time happened, you will notice the following damage. Depending on the hours of delay the damage scenario will be different. It may be that the drywall that you have in your kitchen begins to swell and break down. The water will also tarnish any object made of metal that it touches. The whole house will begin to smell damp, and moist. The wooden furniture will begin to absorb water. You will also notice that the colored dinner napkins and paper decorative products will begin to stain the surface that they touch.

So, if you do not desire to notice all these damages in your house, do not delay to call us and have the best water damage cleaning service in Glenview, IL. We will not wait a moment to start after we receive your call. It is for sure that within an hour we will be at your place and start pumping the water out from your house. We may not be able to restrict the damages that happen within minutes, but will definitely save your property from damages that happen within hours and restrict any further damage.

The damages that can happen within a week 

If you notice that your property had a water “attack” a week before during your vacation, you can expect to notice the following water damage. You will notice the development of mold spores in moist places. There will be mold and mildew all over the place.

So, do call us as early as you can to avoid all this damage.