Why Do Your Home Require Flood Damage Cleanup in Glenview, IL?

Does your home suffer from flood water damage? If yes, then you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. All you need to do is to follow their instructions. You should get the documentation of flood damage ready and make sure that you remain safe and secure.

Whether your home has been flooded by a bursting pipe or storm, it’s more likely, you’ll have suffered from lots of damage. The severity of the damage caused to your home will be determined by different factors like the type of flood, the duration and the height of the water reached. Hence, you need to schedule flood damage cleanup in Glenview, IL. Here are a few major consequences you may experience because of flood damage:

Windows and Doors –

If you have wooden doors and windows, they may swell because of taking excess water, making them stick in the frames and unusable. If the flood damages the foundation, it will make the frames warping and twisting, sometimes breaking the glass. If the storm is the cause behind the storm, the glass may throw the debris by the high winds or fast moving water.

Walls –

Generally, most types of insulation are made from fiber or foam that absorbs water easily. If the insulation gets wet, it should be replaced to prevent mould inside the walls. Plaster may dry out. If the wallpaper gets wet, it may become a breeding ground for mould which should be removed.

Electric Appliances –

If the plug sockets or switches were submerged in the water, they should be replaced right away. In fact, salt water is corrosive; so the salt water can cause lots of damage to electric wiring. Though the fresh water isn’t corrosive in nature, it doesn’t do well for electric appliances. You should assess the electrical appliances by a professional electrician or a building inspector to get the inspection done.

Appliances –

The insulated appliances used in home include fridges, freezers and ovens that often can’t be salvaged. The water gets easily into the insulated appliances. Other appliances may be alright to use once they’ve dried out.

You should always get a professional contractor to inspect them thoroughly. If you’ve any doubt regarding appliances, you should throw them out as soon as possible and replace them with new ones.

Furniture –

If the upholstered furniture and soft furnishings are contaminated with flood water, they should be thrown away right away. These furniture pieces have the risk of mould and mildew. The flood water brings in bacteria, microorganisms and harmful contaminants that require cleaning thoroughly.

If you’ve valuable items inside your home, you should consider thorough cleaning rather than replacing them. Cheaper furniture made from chip board break down easily after absorbing flood water whereas the solid wood, metal or plastic made furniture should be fine if they’re cleaned and dried properly.

Flooring –

Carpets get damaged due to flood water. They are hard to clean and dry properly. They should be removed. Wood flooring may be okay, if you look after it very well. You can remove some of the floor boards and can consider wood expansion without warping and putting them back when everything has dried out. However, tile flooring should be cleaned thoroughly, if they’re made of non-porous materials whereas the laminate floor will be most likely peeling apart.

Scheduling Floor Damage Cleanup in Glenview, IL –

When it comes to scheduling professional floor damage cleanup in Glenview, IL, you should look no further than ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro. We have experience and expertise to deal with flood water damage effortlessly. For more information, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at 1-847-724-9800.