Why Depend On Servicemaster CRP For Sewage Cleanup In Glenview, IL, And Not Try DIY Methods

It is wise not to waste a second taking appropriate steps when you face sewage flooding. In urgency, without prior experience, we try to undertake the cleanup and draw in more risks. If you call us at ServiceMaster CRP for sewage cleanup in Glenview, IL, you can avoid threats to your health, home, and wallet.

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The risk involved in trying DIY sewage cleanup 

You will generally find greywater or, even worse black water in sewages. Typically, the water used for flushing toilets also has human waste. There can be various causes of sewage blockage and leading to floods. Sewage can also contain black water, which is even more dangerous than greywater. It can have parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. If you come in contact with such nature of contaminated water without wearing PPE and not following the proper process can cause serious health issues. You can suffer from Hepatitis A and Encephalitis if you come in contact with such water.

If you try DIY sewage cleanup, it is evident that you will come in contact with such water and suffer from health issues. On the other hand, if you call us, you can avoid any such problems. We maintain all precautionary steps to ensure your and our safety. 

If you try DIY cleanup of sewage, it is evident that mold development will occur. If you or your family have mold exposure, it can worsen allergies and asthma. Flood water is ideal for mold growth as it offers moisture, organic material, and perfect temperature.

Flood Water Damage

However, it is not that the risk of disease is the primary concern; the main concern is the fear of electrocution. If you enter a flooded area and light matches, it can also cause an explosion problem as there may be gas leakage. Homeowners who are not experts in dealing with sewage cleanup can make a few mistakes, like lighting a match or touching a live wire, which you can easily understand.

Reasons to call us for sewage cleanup in Glenview, Il

If you call us instead of trying DIY, then the first thing that we will do is pump out the contaminated water and remove the debris. Next, identify the cause and source of the sewage backup. Then, we can undertake the cleanup process as we now have a clear view of the house’s interior. Before entering the house, we call the utility provider to stop the gas and current supply. We use all industrial-grade equipment while undertaking the cleanup.

So, if you face sewage backup, please do not try DIY methods but do give us a call. We will tackle that from the point you call us.