The Types Of Water Damage Managed By Water Damage Cleaning Service In Glenview, IL By Servicemaster CRP

Suppose you call us at ServiceMaster CRP and have our water damage cleaning service in Glenview, ILIn that case, avoiding severe health issues means avoiding expensive medical costs. It is also possible to avoid structural damage after you have suffered a home flood. In addition, as we have the ability to tackle any type of water damage, it is always possible for us to offer professional services to avoid any of the above complications.

Flood Water Damage

As we notice that our home is getting flooded, we generally rush into the water to save our valuables. However, it is prudent to understand the nature of water before rushing in. Therefore, we take all preventive measures to be in any nature of water, so we do not face any nature of issues.

Let us know about the types of water damage that you may face.

Water damage from clean water

The origin of category 1 floodwater is from an unpolluted or clear water source. As the water source is clean, there will be less chance of any hazard if one comes in contact with such water. For example, such clean water may come from leaking water lines, overflows of sinks or bathtubs, broken tanks in toilets, malfunction of appliances, melting snow or ice, and rainwater.

Category 1 water can become category 2 if the water passes over contaminated structures.

Grey water flooding your home

Suppose the water is from malfunctioning washing machines or dishwashers, toilet bowls, contaminated water from a bathtub, or a ruptured water bed. In that case, the water can be category 2 or grey water that has entered your home. We avoid any nature of skin contact when we are clearing this nature of water. We use proper protective equipment and clothing.

We primarily stop the water source and use a dry vacuum to expel as much water as possible. We also open the doors and windows and turn on the fans and HVAC fans. We also sanitize all the flooring, fabrics, and furniture that has come in direct contact with the water.

Damage from Blackwater 

Black water is category 3 and is highly contaminated. It is full of pathogens, toxins, and other poisonous contaminations. Such water can cause severe health issues if one comes into direct contact. Such water can come from sewage, floodwater, or wind-driven rain, like in the case of a hurricane. Before we try to clean such water, we suggest you shift to an alternative address so that you do not come in direct contact with the water.

We have the expertise to tackle any such nature of water damage. You can depend on us for the best water damage cleaning service in Glenview, IL. We take utmost care so that we can save most of your valuables and help in filing the insurance claim.